Purepartner is an award-winning group of strategists, designers and program managers that create innovative brand experiences for the world’s leading lifestyle brands.

about us

Purepartner was formed in 2003 with the goal of helping to define the new space of “experiential design.” Our unique blend of creative and marketing experience allowed us to relevantly apply multiple design competencies to deliver against tangible marketing objectives. We continue to believe that design is not only a true marketing medium, but one of the most effective.
Since 2003, we have maintained the integrity of our creative vision and have since augmented our services to include event activation expertise. From strategy and experience design, to partner selection and event logistics management, we are a “Purepartner” to our clients in the truest sense, seeing a program through from its inception to completion.

the process of brand dimensionalization

A three-pronged approach that serves as the foundation for multi-dimensional brand experiences and provides a framing tool that is strategically sound, deep in insight, and compelling in its interpretation of a brand’s essence and relevance.

1st dimension: know the brand persona

  • Intimate understanding of the brand from different points of view
  • Leverage insight from client, agency partners, and our own research
  • Development on a brand “persona” that is open to interpretation


From strategy to implementation, Purepartner provides turnkey services. Our team understands that a successful brand experience begins with us. Acting and thinking as an extension of your team, not a vendor, we will insure that the integrity of the initial vision is maintained, the solutions are unbiased and the process is seamless.

Purepartner’s services focus on these six areas:


speaking engagements

The Benefits of Lingering In-Market
The Benefits of Lingering In-Market

Why are major brands pushing ahead with programs that stay in-market for, in some cases, years? Brands are slowing down their schedules and building a deep presence in-market. Understand why companies have altered their planning and budgeting strategies and how to measure their success.

Design Vs. by Design
The Intersection of Design and Marketing

At the intersection of design and marketing is the “pure” solution. Marketing cannot forge a connection with the consumer without the punch of experience design – and design cannot be a strategic solution without marketing-based strategy behind it. Be part of evolving the role of design as a marketing tool.

Experiential Consistency
Across Channels
GE Global MarComm Guest Speakers @ Milwaukee Art Museum

GE engaged Purepartner by Design to be guest speakers at their annual Global Marketing Communications Summit. The forum was to discuss how to create consistent, relevant brand experiences and communication across a wide range of experience channels, as well as how to identify the challenges faced within such a large organization and leverage them, not avoid them.

Dimensionalizing A
Global Lifestyle Brand
Creating the Xbox 360 Greenspace

After engaging the leading technical and creative groups worldwide to develop the next generation of Xbox, the Xbox 360, Microsoft recognized that they needed to apply the same strategic approach to the development of a relevant customer experience. Understand how the integration of all brand attributes formed the basis and ultimate manifestation of a complete brand experience – from how brand messages need to be conveyed down to furniture design.

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